6 things learned from leaving everything to travel

  1. It’s OK to change everything, to ruthlessly destroy the comfortable life you knew and loved. Life has a force that comes through you and sometimes you don’t know why but you have to follow it. Trust it.
  2. All that stuff I bought to make my life ‘perfect’ was misguided action. “If only I had X, my life would be perfect,” is an illusion; everything is always building and decaying and changing.

    Next time I get settled, I will hack my browser so that online shopping sites redirect to meditation timers.

  3. “But I’ll miss [this possession] so much…” No, I won’t.
  4. “I can’t wait until I get there.” No matter where I am, I’m still the same person with the same hope and the same discontent.
  5. “But what if…?” = “I’ll figure it out.”
  6. “No, but what if…” Just get on the plane.