2021 Reflections

2021 for me was, in retrospect, mostly focused on moving countries. After an especially long and dreary lockdown winter in Berlin, I decided to move to Porto, Portugal. I went through two tedious visa processes (one to renew my German visa, one for Portugal), a long moving process, and began learning the Portuguese language and culture.

In addition to Porto, I visited Vienna, Croatia, Munich, Barcelona, Poland, and Lisbon. I especially loved Munich, and maybe at some point I’ll get to spend more time in southern Germany and at last succeed in my goal in gaining the ability to think in German.

This year I formalized my life philosophy as “do good deeds” and “give love to this moment.” It’s nice having a simple strategy for engaging with life: if I’m doing good deeds and maintaining loving presence, I can let the rest go.

As part of “do good deeds,” I donated more money this year than ever before. At times this was difficult, but I sleep better at night with the hope that I have perhaps at last contributed something good to this world, and if I die soon I can rest in peace. After hearing about peyote being endangered, I was particularly enthusiastic to contribute to the Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative.

I also started Crypto Philanthropy Club, which is still in its infancy but is something I look forward to developing in the New Year.

Internally, I made strides in letting go of perfectionism. I did several IFS sessions and discovered four particularly interesting parts: the one who wants to save the world, the one who seeks creative accomplishment, the one who seeks a sense of joyous freedom, and the responsible one. I look forward to further inner inquiry in the New Year.

Sustaining good habits around healthy eating and exercise is a continual challenge, but this year I made progress in regular fasting and strength training. After tiring of cooking during lockdown, in 2022 I especially seek to find joy and balance in preparing healthy and delicious meals.

Additionally, in 2022 I seek to give myself more permission in the areas of creative and artistic expression, honest communication, and leadership.

Sending you blessings for a year of joy, health, and fulfillment. 💗✨

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