contemplation ideas

7 things I learned in 2017

  1. If you can’t repress a desire to change course, just trust it and let go. Check out what’s on the other side.
  2. Fight anxiety with curiosity. Both are valid responses to new situations. One is fun.
  3. The insights from travel can be more valuable than a year of staying in and reading.
  4. Possessions are weights binding you to your current self-construct. The fewer and simpler possessions you are content with, the easier it is to metamorphose.
  5. Marketers who create successful marketing solutions for a variety of businesses are better than marketers who find one solution for one company and sell the strategy as a cure-all.
  6. The world is full of intelligent, interesting, and kind people. Stop your introvert excuses; find them and be friends. Life is a richer adventure when shared with good company.
  7. Twitter is social media for people who have things to say. Not sure why I didn’t learn this in 2007.