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Act as though you have the winning ticket

Are you ruminating over what could have been had you turned left instead of right? What could have been had you kept the guy or girl, made the move, or quit the job? 

But hypothetical grasses are always greener—you don’t know how these other choices might have turned out. And besides, you’ve already had such an exceeding deal of good luck: food in your belly, the ability to read this blog, and the time to fritter away doing so. It probably doesn’t matter what you choose—any route you go down you can probably still sit around and gawk at what a wondrous life you live. 

So make a new choice:

Act as if everything up to this moment has been absolutely perfect, and that now you have the perfect hand to play. Because how do you know that all your fumbles and misfortunes were not winking parts in some grand perfection?

How would you act if this very moment, this very self, and this very situation were your winning ticket?

How would you act if the game has not been lost—no!—and you have everything you need to be the hero of your own life, en route to slay the dragon and win your dreams?

How would you act if the very situation you find yourself in now is the first chapter of the best part of your life?

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